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A happy pediatric dental patient

A happy dental patient

We love our young patients and will see them at any age. We use the same gentle techniques that we use for adults. If we do find decay in a child’s tooth, we can remove the decay and place a tooth colored filling. We can usually remove their cavities without any anesthetic while they watch TV. We really enjoy pediatric dentistry and feel great about showing children that it does not have to be scary going to the dentist.

Sealants are an effective and preventative treatment for our pediatric dental patients to help prevent decay. Beware though, as not all sealants are the same. We use an extremely high fluoride release sealant that actually automatically recharges its fluoride reserves from toothpaste or other sources. It is also moisture tolerant during placement, which is one reason why so many resin sealants fail or get decay underneath them.

If your child has never been to a dental office, please call today to schedule a “happy visit."  Our primary goal during the happy visit is to meet your child, let him or her get to know us and the equipment that we use. We even have a book that goes over everything the child will experience.

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