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Dental Crowns

dental crown

Sometimes a filling is not strong enough to restore a tooth or to prevent further damage to a tooth. When this is the case, a dental crown is recommended. There are many different types of crowns such as gold, porcelain fused to gold or all porcelain. We can explain which kind would be the best option for your particular needs.

The crown procedure involves reducing the thickness of the outer layer of the tooth then making an impression which is sent to a laboratory for crown fabrication. The crown is then permanently cemented, covering the tooth.  

Dental Bridges

A bridge is one of several options to replace one or more missing teeth. The best way to explain a bridge is that it is a crown on teeth on either side where a tooth is missing with artificial teeth connected in between. There are other alternatives to bridges such as an implant or removable partial denture. The advantage of the implant is that no other adjacent teeth need to have crowns. The advantage of the partial is typically reduced cost. The advantage of the bridge is speed with which the space is filled. The 2 appointment bridge procedure begins with preparing the designated teeth for crowns and making an impression. The impression is then sent to the laboratory and we typically have the bridge back in about 2-3 weeks. The bridge is then cemented permanently in place and the patient immediately begins functioning normally .

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