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Teeth whitening is one our most popular procedures and we offer three types of teeth whitening which you can read more about below.

Kor Tooth Whitening Before

Kor Tooth Whitening After

- KOR – This is our most dramatic and predictable whitening treatment. There are 2 in office visits which are separated by 2-3 weeks. The patient is sent home with extremely accurate custom trays and a special at home whitening solution. This at home whitening solution not only whitens the teeth to some degree, but more importantly, it conditions the teeth to accept a higher concentration of whitening solution at the final whitening appointment. With the ability to whiten deeper in the tooth and reach those stains that took years to form, we obtain the most dramatic results. This technique also incorporates 2 different very potent anti-sensitivity ingredients which have greatly increased the comfort of whitening. Once the desired results are achieved, one at home treatment per month is recommended to maintain the results.

- Tray Whitening – This would be the original “gold standard." Custom trays are made that hold the whitening gel on the teeth while you sleep at home. You can achieve great whitening results, it will just take more applications that the other methods.

- Zoom - This method is a single visit whitening using a much stronger solution than the one used in the trays at home. A high intensity light ( Some refer to as Laser Whitening Light) is applied during the procedure to accelerate the whitening. Desensitizers are applied during the procedure to minimize any sensitivity. Very good results can be achieved, but it will depend upon how deep the stains are in the tooth structure.

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